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Do you have something important to , sell or tell?

I am your 
freelance writer.

Need Content That Converts?

I get pumped when I hear attraction marketing, lead generation, funnels, and blogging.

I write copy that attracts, captivates and converts.

Whether you’re a small business, entrepreneur or global powerhouse my content can propel your message to the forefront and give you that edge to attract new leads.

I’m Bill, a business B2B professional, blogger, copywriter and content marketer for businesses just like yours.

Enlist me to make your life easier. Contact me for your digital content, copywriting or ghostwriting.

This Is How I Make Your Life Easier!

This Is How I Make Your Life Easier!

Who am I

I write for business professionals that want that extra edge.  I can create graphics, work in WordPress and also create landing pages and complete sales funnels.

What I do

Copywriting  You want people to take a specific action. I write copy that pulls readers subconsciously towards your goals.

Blog writing blog posts allow your audience to connect with your brand, message, and voice.  I do that, so you don’t have to.

Website content brand building and conveying your message in your voice is what I do.  My ghostwriting can transmit your message in your perfect voice.

How I do it

I use my expert knowledge in business, skills, and experience in digital marketing and advertising to craft content that attracts and persuades people to action.

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